Create your own uniquely cool NO KA ‘OI garment by adding a handmade signature sewn by our
seamstresses in Italy.

How to design your own? It’s easy.
First, pick your favorite model from the gallery below. Then select the stitch color between white, black and multicolor. Write your name, an inscription or whatever! But it can only be a max of 15 characters.
And voila, you’re done!

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Your handmade model will be shipped to you in just one week.
Use this tool to customize your favorite NO KA ‘OI styles for a one-of-a-kind item that no one has ever seen before for you. Try customizing a gift too.

Start now! #MYNOKAOI Tag your pics with #MYNOKAOI to be featured on the site and on our Instagram page.

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Nokaoi Banner

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