"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”Audre Lorde

Activism can be overwhelming. To aid with our mental health, read through our guide to decompressing and recharging. 

  • Use social media to stay updated and inspired, but limit your screen-time. 

Constant endless resources can be overwhelming, especially viewing real life experiences from protests. 

  • Harness the power of mindfulness. 

Use it to your benefit in fighting against and dealing with the emotional trauma of racial discrimination.

  • Be cautious of risk of burnout, mental and physical fatigue, and secondhand trauma.

This can come as a result of viewing traumatic content in person or online.

  • Express your thoughts.

Write letters to those in power, sign petitions or jot down your thoughts, worries or fears in a journal. 

Don’t be afraid to take a break. 

  • Check in on your friends and implement self-care within your activism. Stay strong and be gentle with yourself.

Take time to reset and recharge through these online free resources:

BetterHelp - virtual therapy matching service

Ethel’s Club - virtual group healing and grieving sessions led by Black therapists

Healhaus and Thérèse Cator - hosting “Circle of Care for Black Womxn” to hold a safe space, utilising the tools of meditation, breath and connection

Hopper Acupuncture - holding free appointments for the Black community and anti-racist protesters in Los Angeles

Solar Flux - offering a free/donation-based virtual breathwork session for Black people looking for emotional release, co-regulation, and embodied healing

Yoga with Adriene - free yoga class every day streamed on YouTube