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Untitled. Every Women is Art.
NO KA ‘OI presents an exclusive documentary film directed by Jacopo Moschin featuring model Aweng Choul and drops a limited-edition t-shirt to celebrate International Women’s Day.
“UNTITLED” explores the human story of the South Sudanese model Aweng Choul who was born under a tree in a refugee camp in Kenya and moved with her parents and 11 siblings to Australia where she was scouted at 16 while working at a McDonalds.
“When I wake up in the morning, I realize I’m alive, surprisingly yeah,” tells Aweng, who reveals that when she was a kid every time she woke up she just didn’t know if she was alive or not.
Her incredible story and the ambitious dream to become the first female president of her native country inspires the NO KA ‘OI limited edition t-shirt “Untitled. Every Woman is Art” on sale exclusively on
“To be fearless is to be you, and to be you is to be original,” she says. “From ayoung age, I’ve been a fearless person because I’ve never settled for answers, I was given from anybody”.
Like the untitled work of arts found in museums that embody the mystery of the unknown, women are an intricate yet undiscovered world that NO KA ‘OI wants to pay tribute to with a white tee made of abstract and colorful macro-sequins embroidery.
Aweng's mindset champions this t-shirt. “Every human is art. Art is different, art is perfect because it’s objective”.
NO KA ‘OI asked her to reveal one word to put on her t-shirt, to give a title to her story: "Just one single word? Spirited will be the title of my t-shirt because it includes every single adventure, trauma, experience...” What would be yours?
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