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#FINDYOURINNERWILD is our journey to finding deeper meaning in the ordinary by experiences in nature. We spoke with the Norway-born influencers and globetrotters @helenawian and @emmakwalle after they traveled to Sydney, Australia in search of defining their own path to finding their inner wild. Emma Walle and Helena Wian met in the summer of 2017 and became quick friends. The girls love combing work and travel – turning it into their everyday lifestyle. They both love an active lifestyle - hiking, swimming, being outside and connecting with nature. Practiced gymnastics when they were younger, Helena and Emma are still very flexible.


Here, Helena and Emma explain why Australia is a great place for transformation, seeing our truths, creating new triumphs and becoming our best selves:


What inspired your trip to Australia?

We've always wanted to visit Australia because of the beaches, animals and chill vibes it's known for. We came to Sydney because it's both the city and the beach life.


What did you find to be the most inspiring part of this country?

Living near Bondi beach kept us motivated on maintaining an active lifestyle. Most days we woke up at 6 or 5 am to catch the sunrise. In Bondi, people are running, surfing and working all the time. Thinking of Bondi is going to remind us of the amazing lifestyle we kept going there every day. We're definitely going back.


What rituals, workouts or diet keeps you feeling balanced and healthy?

I (Helena) work out at the gym lifting weights and focusing on building muscles. In Sydney, I loved being able to take this practice outdoors. Even better is being able to grab a smoothie bowl after!

My (Emma) favorite workout is running outside and interval training. In Sydney, I even had the chance to try out surfing!